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My name is Peter, I used to be 71 years old, and I live on the West Coast, also known as the Wet Coast, or the Left Coast, of Canada.

It's nice here, you'd like it.

My gorgeous wife and our wonderful Havanese dog also live here with me. Im extremely happy about that arrangement.

Since a young boy I always wanted to be one of only two things: I really wanted to become either an Open Pit Miner or a Writer.

I chose the easy one, of course, the Open Pit Mining.

Well, the mining career never panned out so I dropped my worn down pointy shovel and picked up a brand spanking new pointy pen and got going on the Writing.

It didn't take long to remember why I avoided Writing in the first place... Writing was enormously difficult to do. I almost returned to Open Pit Mining but fortunately I had already been replaced, by another Writer as it turns out.

That's life...

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