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The Permanent Robin

At the home of the famous artist

The permanent Robin rests

Where brush and canvas kiss

Her tiny beating breast

Perched on a moment

In the forever twilight

Gripped by the shadow

Of a deep and hungry forest

The permanent Robin rests

Foot step stones

Twist and trickle down

Along the fence;

Floating in Sweet William

Along the butter boards

In twilight rinsed in deeper tones

Inside the emerald air;

The stump, the memory lingers there,

Of the Robin perched

On the moment

Reflecting- singing everywhere

At the home of the permanent Robin

The famous artist nests;

At the end of foot step-stones

Floating in the sweet Sweet William


This was written for Carol Evans, and this is about Carol Evans, a great artist that I had the great privilege to know...

If I recall correctly, Carol's talents as an artist are almost equalled by her talent for air hockey.